backdrop video    .    Young and Realistic    .    The Faint    .     Directed by Nik Fackler and Todd Fink       .

what: messenger
when: 2017
where: Knockdown Center. Maspeth, Queens. NYC.
As part of the exhibition The Unseen Hand, curated by Nikita Vishnevskiy


paint, chalk pastel, pigmented joint compound, mica powder, spray paint, graphite, ink and caulking on wood, drywall and cardboard. mixed media on paper. plastic sheeting, carbon paper, smoke infused glass, ceramics, driftwood, linen, map pins and hardware.

108 x 77 x 111
2016 -2017


messenger continues a trajectory of animating the ruins of past work. Former sculptures and installations are given new life as elements are scabbed and fused together. Surfaces are  embellished with a baroque renewal.  The central sheet plastic and wood section contains ceramic vessels that burned the scraps and detritis of the studio - marking the incineration on smoke infused glass panels. A ritual totem for castaway moments - most at home in the food court of a shuttered and crumbling mall.