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what: some domestic arc
when: 2013
where: PRIMETIME, Brooklyn, NY.


the drawing:
Graphite transfer, acrylic and oil pastel on paper.
the structure:
Graphite, chalk pastel, spray paint, block prints, ink, tape, carbon and graphite transfers on paper. Wood, plexiglass, carpet, metal, bamboo, porcelain and acrylic paint. 

the line:
Acrylic, oil pastel and wooden dowel. 
the arc:
Copper leaf, pigmented joint compound and wall incision.
Texts from Song of Songs and Raymond Carver’s Tell the Women We’re Going.


A thread of violence and love seams two passages -- one extinguishes while the other embraces. These muted texts trace the arc of domesticity, revealing its tender and destructive virtues. 

Surface echoes enshrine a moment of displaced activity, where isolated gestures offer democratic compositions.