what: 72 sq ft
when: 2016 
where: Pulse Art Fair / NYC

how: 36 unique graphite and chalk pastel frottage prints on paper (lining the back wall). Ink, graphite, colored pencil, oil pastel, aerosol and mica powder on paper (4 x framed). Smoke infused glass panels. Joint compound, chalk pastel, mica powder and cold wax medium on drywall and wood. Aerosol, graphite, soot and incense ash on ceramics. Ink, graphite, colored pencil, tape, and aluminum leaf on paper and mylar. Formica.

why: Shenanigans materialize at art fair/tradeshow/cubicle booth/expo type scenario. Kind of a site specfic jam placed within the realm of ten second attention spans. Respect to Jesse and Bryan for giving me the oppportunity. It stood out, but could not stand the part. Central sculpture was reconfigured for parts of messenger at the Knockdown Center.