what : cult of the fall
when : 2016
where : Honey Ramka. Brooklyn, NY  

how : Wood, laminate, paper, drywall, pushpins, house paint, joint compound, spray paint, ceramics, cardboard, dry pigment, mica powder, incense, cold wax medium, embroidered carbon paper, flourescent lighting, mirrors, plastic sheeting, smoke and incense infused glass.  Oil and chalk pastel on paper. Rubber lei. 24kt gold crucifix. Hardware.

why : flanked by sculpture generated wall frottage, this platformed arrangement of embellished fragments hoped for a lifeline of viewer interaction. Tough to get people to walk on things I was told - with all those gallery manners so baked in.  They were correct.  Can studio rituals and their attendant objects find purchase in the blank zone? Does it matter?  Droopy stained glass window and drawings in the back space.