what:   vertical hallway and her attendants
when:  2014
where: Honey Ramka. Brooklyn, NY.

how: Ink, graphite, colored pencil, frottage, carbon transfer, aerosol, metallic leaf and incisions on paper and drywall. Wood, drywall, lighting gels, carpet, melted plastic sheeting, copper banding, driftwood, Formica, flourescent lighting. Wall incision and overhead projector with light.

why: Embellished cubicle bunker as container and catalyst. The small internal table generated wsop that were added to the room as it was constructed. Frottage and pigment transfers taken from the the routed surface of the carpet surmounted leaning plinth and back room projector. Various stationed sculptural works and hanging banners articulated viewer movement throughout the gallery.  A shanty chapel and her attendants for the cracked mystic set.